Monday, July 11, 2016

Interactive Cat Dancer Toy

We have three cats and they are quite frisky! Two are one year old and the other is 13 years old- yes she’s frisky at her older age! They all love toys, and if it has catnip in it they are super interested!

Our kitties love to run and play and chase and fetch and anything else you can dream up, they do it. They are almost dog-like in the way they behave sometimes! I saw this toy and just knew they would love it. They love any kinds of toy that they can toss around, drag around, carry around, lick at and bat at.
When this toy came in the mail they all went bananas. I didn’t even have to guess what was in the package. The mouse toy cat wand itself was super cute and adorable and they absolutely love it.

I couldn’t get near this mouse toy dancer for hours as they wouldn’t stop running after it (one would drag it around by the cord) and each other for this mouse! This is one of the most popular toys in the house. It’s also one of the cutest toys in the house.

Overall, this toy was an absolute hit and I would definitely buy this toy again, but one for each next time!

I did receive this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.


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