Monday, September 29, 2014

Bath Pillow by Simply Essentials


Your search for the perfect bath spa pillow is over. Put away that air pump forever! This bath pillow has a great new contemporary style and is very comfy. Well made, the bath pillow material is waterproof PU foam. If the pillow falls in the water...nothing to worry about! No water can get inside the cushion which alleviates any smell. If you enjoy soaking in the tub with a good book, you'll love this pillow. It is firm but you can use it either way (flip it around and find out if bean side up or bean side down is more comfortable to you as both work with varying areas of pressure/support). Your new pillow will support your head well. The feel of this pillow is similar to an orthopedic assistive device for those who want and need neck and spine support in the tub but it is super cute. This pillow helps your neck relax and it is very therapeutic. A must have for EVERY bathroom. The white bath pillow goes with all bath colors.

I don’t take too many baths, but when I do, I always with I had a bath pillow. I hate the idea of cheap-looking blow up pillows that aren’t all that comfortable and tend to get all mildewy quickly. When I was given the opportunity to review this PU Waterproof Foam pillow, I thought why not.

When I first received this pillow I was pretty impressed with the size of the pillow and I liked that it was smooth and it didn’t look like there was any areas where water could seep in for mildew to grow. I should also mention that this pillow is bean shaped. You can use it bean up or bean down; whichever way is more comfortable for you.

There are two suction cups on the back of the pillow that secure the pillow to your tub. They actually work very well at holding the pillow to the tub. The pillow didn’t move around at all and stayed put. This was actually very nice for in the bathtub. I could actually lay back and relax in comfort. I was very happy with this pillow. I liked having the thick part of the bean down- I found that more comfortable for me.

Overall, this pillow seemed to be waterproof like they state that it is. I didn’t have any issues with water and the pillow. I took it out after my bath and towel dried it and when I checked it out the next day, it was nice and dry and odor free. I was very happy with that. I just worry that the areas where the suction cups are could pick up water and get mildewy, but so far, it hasn’t happened.
The Bath Pillow Size Is 12 X 8 X 3 Inches.

You can get Simply Essentials Bath Pillow on

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream


Combat cellulite with our unique Caffeine + Retinol + Seaweed formula. This gel-cream has a strong caffeine content with the optimum level of retinol (0.4%), as recommended by experts. For good measure, we’ve also added potent natural and organic ingredients such as algae extract, kelp, coconut oil, japanese green tea leaf extract and cayenne. Like all our products, it is free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates.
The gel-cream consistency is designed to spread over large areas and it absorbs quickly into your skin. The cream is infused with a refreshing 100% natural ‘mint - green tea - lime’ fragrance, that barely leaves a trace once fully absorbed.

In a nutshell, Body Merry’s Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream is your ticket to visibly reducing the appearance of unwanted bumps and lumps and getting skin that feels and looks tighter, smoother and younger!


I was excited to try out another Cellulite cream and I was thrilled that it was Body Merry’s Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream as I really like Body Merry’s products.
When I opened the nice-sized container, I saw that this had a nice creamy gel-like texture to it. It felt nice and cool, creamy and smooth on my fingers. It also had a nice green tea-mint-lime  scent to it that I found very pleasant and refreshing.
I waited until I was done showering before I tried this product (that’s how I like to use these products, typically). I smoothed some of the cream on my affected areas (legs mostly), and noticed that this creamy gel had a nice warm and slightly tingly sensation. I always like those feelings as I feel like that means the product is doing something.

This product felt great on my skin and absorbed fairly quickly. Also, I noticed that the scent of the product seemed to dissipate after some time. I didn’t notice any immediate difference, but I’m sure it would take some time of using the product to notice a difference.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I think I may see a slight difference in the appearance of some cellulite areas I have, but I can’t be entirely sure. I should have taken before and after pictures to compare. I will continue to use the product and update the post if I notice any drastic changes in my cellulite issues.  

I love that this product is natural, organic and contains caffeine, retinol and seaweed. Best of all, this product is cruelty free.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Sticky Suction Car Mount by iGotTech


The Sticky Suction Stand comes with a 200% money back guarantee because they are that confident that you will love this product. If you have any problems with this product within the first two years, they will refund every penny of the purchase price and send a brand new unit, free of charge.

The Sticky Suction Car Mount has a 360°rotatable head and a super vacuum suction base which sticks on any smooth surface firmly.


I’ve needed a car mount for quite a while and really wanted to get one soon, so when I was given the opportunity to do a review for this one, I was very excited.

I was eager to try out this product, so I quickly unboxed the mount and ran to my car. I really would have preferred to put the mount on my dashboard; however, it didn’t stick there. I was a little confused as to why it says it would stick to any smooth surface, but it didn't stick to the smooth surface of my dash. Of course, the instructions do say to put it on the windshield, so I installed it on the windshield, and it stuck like a champ. This mount was totally stuck on there, and no amount of pulling at it would make it budge even a little bit. When I went to release it, it released very easily. I did this a few times with no trouble at all. This was great!

So the big test was when I went to stick my phone to the sticky pad. I was a little concerned because I have my phone in a case (a heavy duty Otterbox) and I wasn’t sure how that would work out with the mount. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t work out. I had to take my phone out of the case for it to stick to the mount.

While unprotected without the case, the phone (a big Samsung Galaxy Note III), stuck to the sticky pad very well and I really didn’t have any worries that it would fall off. The phone had a nice grip to the sticky pad so I felt pretty confident that nothing bad was going to happen.

So after using this mount for several long trips, my phone held tight every time. I had no issues with it falling or dropping or even moving slightly on the mount.

Overall, this is a great mount if you are looking for a windshield mount. If you are looking for a dashboard mount, this won’t work for you.

You can get one of these Sticky Suction Car Mounts for yourself at

And you can check out iGotTech's website

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Innovative Design 101’s SiliGuy Flexible Cell Phone Universal Car Mount


Flexible Cell Phone Universal Car Mount. Use the SiliGuy anywhere you want. Flexibility to secure any smartphone. The universal fitting SiliGuy can grip your mobile device while hanging from your rear-view mirror, slid into the air vent, suspended from the steering wheel, or where ever you want. Any hand-sized device can be safely and comfortably secured in your car, providing safe visibility to use GPS and easy access to speaker phone.

More than just a car mount! This cell phone holder can be used almost anywhere you want! Secures to bike handlebars, gym equipment, in the kitchen for eRecipes, hangs phone while charging, even secures power cords in the office.


The SiliGuy is a Flexible cell phone universal car mount.  One of the best parts about this product is that you can use it just about anywhere you want. It is very flexible and can safely secure almost any kind of smartphone, not solely iPhones.

The universal fit SiliGuy can grip your mobile device while you hang it from your rear-view-mirror, or in your air vent, suspended from the sterring wheel, from the back of the headrest, etc. You can even use it in the house to hang it from a hook while you are charging your phone, or just to store it off a surface. You could even hang it from a doorknob if you wanted to remember it before you left the house. The SiliGuy has many uses.

One great thing about the SIliGuy is that it would make a great gift for anyone with a mobile phone! Almost everyone has a phone, and this would be a perfect gift! It would be great for teens or busy people on the go. Then again, this would be great for anyone, really. The SIliGuy is not only practical and functional, it’s also fun to bend around and play with. It’s a fun little gadget.

You can find the SiliGuy Flexible Cell Phone Universal Car Mount on

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Best For My Pets Odor-Free Bully Sticks


Bully Sticks do more than just entertain your dog! Did you know that chewing gives dogs a sense of comfort calming them down? More than that, chewing on BULLY STICKS becomes a fun and natural way to CLEAN TEETH and keep them strong. This delicious long-lasting chewing treat helps to maintain your dog's oral hygiene and health.
Bully Sticks are made from ALL NATURAL, 100% PURE BEEF. Bully Sticks are free of chemical, preservatives or additives. Made of dried muscle, they are Gluten-Free and Grain-Free, 100% digestible. Hard like bones, it is very difficult to break them into smaller pieces. Choose something remarkable and safe to satisfy your dog's cravings to chew.

Bully Sticks are Delicious and Healthy. Low in fat, our bully sticks are a powerful source of protein. Stop feeling guilty by giving your dog unhealthy treats. You will be pleased to see how happy your dog will be with our yummy bully sticks.

The Best Value! They offer the same or better benefits than the more expensive brands BUT they believe EVERYONE should benefit from giving their dogs the highest quality bully sticks. They have the BEST VALUE bully sticks out there! Other brands will either have bad products for a lower price or the same product for a lot more money. TRY IT NOW! You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN.

Money Back Guarantee! Best for My Pets fully stands behind their product and goes beyond Amazon’s 30 day return policy and offers a no-questions-asked guarantee. So if your do does not love these Bully Sticks, or if you don’t feel 100% satisfied, they will refund your money, no questions asked. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority and they want to build a long and lasting relationship with their customers.


My dogs knew when these arrived in the mail. They wanted to eat the package! They went bananas. I had to open the pack right away! They each took a stick and ran off in a different part of the room to chew and gnaw at them. They absolutely loved these Bully Sticks!

One of the first things I noticed about these bully sticks was that they were very thick and looked very natural. Another thing I noticed about these bully sticks was that they weren’t overly stinky. They didn’t have a strong overpowering odor to them. They actually didn’t have a bad smell at all- they are supposed to be odor free, but they do have a slight scent. I know the dogs certainly loved the smell of them!

I was very impressed at how long these bully sticks lasted. Usually the dogs can chew down even the hardest, toughest sticks in no time at all. These lasted for a long time. They kept the dogs very occupied for quite some time! I was very impressed with the lasting power of these bully sticks.
We have three French Bulldogs, and they LOVE to chew things. So I was impressed when these lasted. I mean that whole-heartedly. I felt great giving my dogs these bully sticks and I’m picky about what I give them. These were fantastic, and I wouldn’t hesitate to give them these again in the future. I need to keep chewy things around so as to keep them from chewing everything else around the house! They chew recliner handles, coffee table legs, wooden trim around the walls, chair legs, etc. You name it, they will chew it. So I was so happy when they were chewing these bully sticks for a long period of time. They definitely got their chewing need in for the day!

Overall, these are great bully sticks for dogs! I would get these again and again as they last a long time and the dogs love them! They are also great quality and are not offensive odor-wise. They are also a reasonable price.

You can get Best For My Pets Bully Sticks at

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Naturalico Cellulite with Retinol & Caffeine and Body Firming Cream


Active Anti-Cellulite powerhouse ingredients Caffeine, Retinol, L-Carnitine, Green Tea, Glaucine and   Coenzyme-A work together to smooth those lumpy bumpy cottage cheese thighs and firm that jiggly butt.

Get Rid of Cellulite + Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite. Soothes the skin and helps it recover. MADE IN USA

They are one of the only products on the market that have the most Retinol & Caffeine.

Best Skincare Treatment Body Cream for Skin Firming and Cellulite Reduction - Soothes The Skin & Overall appearance of skin is improved, toned & restored. Skin becomes smoother & firmer - Clinically Proven to Eliminate Cellulite - Give You the Results You've Been Looking for
Caffeine encourages the body to burn fatty tissue

Retinol enhances collagen production, encourages skin renewal and helps tighten and firm the skin. * L-Carnitine helps the body metabolize fat * Green Tea stimulates the release of stored fat * Glaucine which is Responsible For Decreasing Fat Deposits * Coenzyme-A breaks down fat and helps restore connective tissue Active Ingredient Glaucine and Caffeine which Contains Theophylline Helps Successfully Treat Cellulite and Decrease Cellulite Fat Deposits and Stretch Marks

Now You Can Turn to Firm and Vibrant Skin in Just a Few Short Weeks!
 - Formulated with Clinically Proven Active Ingredients Caffeine and Retinol
 - Perfect for Reducing Your Cellulite caused by Pregnancy or Weight Loss
 - Revolutionary Anti-Cellulite Cream Returns the Firmer, Smoother You
 - You’ll Love the Refreshing Fragrance


Cellulite is an ugly thing, but we all have it- even supermodels! Yes, they do. It doesn’t seem to matter what diets you try or how you work out or how much you work out, you always seem to find that cellulite glaring at you in the mirror.

I was glad to have the opportunity to try out Naturalico’s Cellulite Cream with Retinol and Caffeine. I really had high hopes for this cream and figured good or bad, it couldn’t do any harm.

I really like that this product is made in the USA. That’s one thing that’s a huge selling point for me. I prefer USA made products to China, etc. made products. I also like that this cream can supposedly firm, tone, and potentially eliminate cellulite. I find this a tall order to fill, but we shall see.

Honestly, I figured I’d be happy even if I saw a tiny bit of improvement. So after actually using the product for over a week, I can see some slight improvement, but I’m sure it will take more time and use to see more of a difference.

My legs seem to be a little a bit more toned, and I think I notice a little reduction in the appearance of the cellulite on my legs. I hope this is real and not in my imagination! I really do want to use this product more to see what longer use will do for me.

It goes on nice and smoothly, it absorbs quickly, and has a pleasant scent. I enjoyed using this cream.
Overall, I think this product has potential. It is definitely one of the better creams out there on the market, that’s for sure!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

California Kitchenware Butterfield Silicone Cupcake Molds


California Kitchenware Butterfield Silicone Cupcake Molds (multicolor) are packaged in a tube of 12 cups.  These molds are perfect for events, parties, or baking with the family. They offer fantastic baking properties and present well when finished!

Versatile and Easy to Use
Twelve multicolor CKW signature cups are made to be used in the oven up to 500 degrees F, but can also be used in the freezer or microwave. The food-grade, non-stick silicone is fun for kids but uncompromising in performance.

Great for Baking Anything
The 2"x3"x1-1/2" cups fit in the spaces of standard metal or glass muffin pans, or they can be placed individually on a flat cookie sheet or jelly-roll pan. CKW Butterfield cupcake molds can be used to bake breakfast muffins, birthday cupcakes, cheesecakes, individual brownies, and more. The flexible cups ensure easy removal of baked goods or molded gelatins.

Easy to Store and Clean
Stackable for storage, the set of 12 baking cups can be cleaned by hand or in the top rack of the dishwasher. All CKW products include a fact about California, see the bottom of the packaged tube to learn about "Butterfield."

One of my favorite things in the world is cupcakes. I love cupcakes! I hate the mess that cupcakes make and I hate those paper liners. I think they are so wasteful. I was thrilled to be able to try out California Kitchenware’s Silicone Cupcake Molds as they are pretty, reusable, and less of a mess to deal with.
These molds are very easy to fill. I gave each one a quick shot of nonstick cooking spray and scooped in the batter. I had them placed in the tray and they were ready to go. I filled them up and they were ready to pop in the oven.

They cooked beautifully! They came out perfect and there was almost nothing stuck to the silicone liners at all! They were also super easy to clean when all the cupcakes were gone. In my house, a batch of cupcakes is lucky to last two days!

You can get these California Kitchenware Butterfield Cupcake Molds on for $7.99 (current selling price). You can use these forever, so you save so much money in the long run if you bake a lot of cupcakes or muffins!

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Vita Pure Products Milk Thistle + Discount Code!


Clinically Proven – Pure Milk Thistle by Vita Pure Products works great as a liver cleanse, lover detox, and liver cleansing diet.

Highest Quality – Highest quality Milk Thistle Extract plus it’s standardized to 80% Silymarin – which accelerates the repair of your liver cells.

Helps Restore Liver Health- Helps and aids in your overall liver health and is also a powerful anti-oxidant.

Maximum Strength For Fast Results – Highest safe concentration with 450mg per capsule and per serving for maximum effectiveness and best results.

Safety Information
Do not exceed the recommended dose per serving. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with any know medical conditions should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. No products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product is manufactured and packaged in a facility which may also process milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and crustacean fish.

For people who want a natural, pure and powerful liver cleanse and anti-oxidant.

Milk Thistle Extract 175mg that is standarized to 80% Silymarin and Milk Thistle (herb powder) 275mg. Other ingredients: dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, magnesium sterate and silicon dioxide.

Take 1 capsule with water with 2-3 meals each day.

Legal Disclaimer:
Do not exceed the recommended dose per serving. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with any know medical conditions should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. No products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product is manufactured and packaged in a facility which may also process milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and crustacean fish.


I don’t have the greatest of diets and figure it couldn’t hurt to take a milk thistle supplement to help remove some of the toxins that are in my body from all the junk I tend to eat.
I started by taking one capsule with each meal daily-  I started with just two times, then worked to three times a day with each of three meals. I always drink water, so that wasn’t a problem. (It says to take with water.)

I had no issues swallowing the capsules and noticed no odd after taste or reactions from it. I could tell a few days after taking the supplement that I was feeling pretty good. I wasn’t near as tired as I had been, and I felt like I had a little more pep in my step. While this could all be in my mind, I was happy none-the-less.

I’m hoping that with continued use, I’ll notice a huge difference in my immune system. I hear some people rarely get sick and others just feel great all the time. I hope this will be the case for me. I will continue on with the Milk Thistle from Vita Pure Products and hope I can notice a drastic change for the good!

You can try out Vita Pure Products Milk Thistle for a discount on by entering code MY15TNOW at checkout.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Piczzle Picture Puzzle Review + Giveaway!


Piczzle Picture Puzzle is an online service where you can go to get a custom jigsaw photo puzzle created. 

With Piczzle, you can turn any photo into a fun and interactive gift or piece of art for yourself or someone you love. 

Piczzle's puzzles are made of quality materials and are very well made. They use the highest quality printing for their photo printing. They also use premium grade cardboard vs, the cheap cardboard puzzles you find in any store. All puzzle pieces are expertly laser cut to fit perfectly together. 


Piczzle is a very cool concept- they allow you to capture your favorite moments by transforming them from a picture into a puzzle or a picture puzzle. The picture puzzle I received from the picture of my choice came in a nice little cardboard box with a photo right on the top of the box lid.

The puzzle pieces themselves are great quality and were very easy to put together. It was fun to watch my son put this picture puzzle together as he loved the picture (me and him) and loved watching it come together. We had a great mommy and son time putting this picture puzzle together.

I was very impressed with the quality of material used to make this picture puzzle and was impressed with the quality of the ink used for printing. This was actually a very high quality print! Most puzzles you get in the stores are so cheaply made that you can put them together a few times, and they start to peel, break or bend easily. Piczzle’s picture puzzles aren’t like that at all, they will definitely last for a very long time.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to capture a fun or loving moment into a work of art to visit Piczzle’s website and create a puzzle from a picture. You can’t go wrong! You could even build the picture puzzle and turn it into a framed piece of art if you wanted to. It’s such a great quality. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend Piczzle!

Visit Piczzle Photo Puzzles at
Visit Piczzle Photo Puzzles on Facebook at
Visit Piczzle Photo Puzzles on YouTube at 


One Reader will win One Small Cardboard Puzzle

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Gillette® Venus® Embrace Sensitive


Gillette Venus is the #1 brand used by female dermatologists!

Embrace, perfection should be celebrated. Winner of over 30 independent Beauty Awards!

Venus’ most awarded razor – now available in Sensitive

Venus Embrace Sensitive brings together 5-blades for an ultra-close shave and a protective ribbon of moisture with a touch of aloe for glide to reveal beautiful skin, even on sensitive skin

Venus’ most advanced shaving technology gives women a closer shave with less irritation:

Five thin, floating blades are spaced closely together for reduced pressure per blade
Spring-mounted blades create a shaving surface that adjusts to the natural contours of a woman’s body, allowing the blade cartridge to sit flatter on the skin, preventing the need to shave areas multiple times

New Lubrastrip technology helps avoid irritation with 3X Glide Enhancers to create a thick cushion between the razor and your skin

The enhanced Ribbon of Moisture has a touch of aloe and increased protective lubricants to surround the shaving surface for a smooth glide before and after each stroke

Features a rounded, pivoting head designed for women’s curves and soft grip ergonomic handle for confident control even over tricky or hard to reach areas

For an unbelievably smooth and close shave, pair Venus Embrace Sensitive with Gillette Satin Care Ultra Sensitive shave gel

For More Information:
Check out Gillette® Venus® Embrace Sensitive on:  Facebook and Twitter.


Because of Influenster, I got to test out the new Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor. I’ve tried many different types and brands of razors in the past with mixed results, I never really felt like I found the perfect one; until now.

It’s been a bumpy (literally!) road trying to find the right razor- one that wouldn’t give me a bumpy red rash or ingrown hair, or other irritations. I could find one or two of these in a razor, but no razor could help me with all three issues, until now. The Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor, amazingly, has all three of these powers combined into one razor. I literally jumped for joy!

I couldn’t wait for my Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor to arrive, and when it did I was quick to test it out. I left my leg hair grow out for a few days (I wear pants anyway) just so I could get to really test this razor out. I didn’t want to be nearly hairless to try it out as it wouldn’t give me a real true test.

I was excited to see that the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor came with the handle, two razor heads (5 blades each), and a suction cup holder for in the shower to hold the razor. The handle has a nice grip to it and thankfully the packaging was super easy to open! I was thrilled I didn’t have to practically get out the chainsaw to open it!

So when I went to actually use the razor, I was amazed at how great it was working. It glided across my skin with ease and I could tell right away it wasn’t going to cause any irritation to my skin. I didn’t feel the need to go over the same spot twice or three times, and I had such silky smooth skin after I rinsed. I was thrilled. That was one of the best shaves I ever had. I love that this razor has an aloe vera strip on it as that really helps to make my skin softer, smoother, and less irritated.

I was amazed that after two days I didn’t feel the need to shave and my skin was irritation free, red bump free, and I had no ingrown hairs! Yea! This razor is amazing! Where has it been all my life? I am so happy that Influenster had given me the opportunity to test out this razor! This is going to be my new go-to razor and I will definitely be telling everyone I know about it!

Disclaimer: I received this product free from Influenster in a Vox Box and all opinions and thoughts are my own. I only suggest and recommend products I like and believe my readers will like as well!

VoilaVe Rosehip Oil


-Soothing of Itchy Dry Skin from Eczema & Psoriasis
-Brilliant More Hydrated Skin
-Reduction of Scars, Age Spots, Wrinkles, & More!
-Reduce Inflammation from Red Itchy Skin
-Healing from Radiation & Sun damage

VoilaVe™ Organics 1 oz Rosehip Oil is 100% CERTIFIED Organic & ECO and USDA Certified!

Beware of many other Rosehip Oils that claim to be organic but are not! We actually meet the ECO Certification and USDA requirements! We don't just claim it; We ACTUALLY have it.

VoilaVe™ Organics Rosehip Oil is backed by our 100% money back guarantee! If you aren't completely satisfied in 60 days, get your money back. PERIOD!

An Important Note:
If you have never tried unrefined Rosehip oil before, the scent will not smell like roses. Pure Rosehip Oil does not carry any rose fragrance as the oil is extracted from the seeds or fruits and not from the petals which contain the aromatic molecules. So, remember, unrefined Rosehip Oil (the Purest Rosehip Oil, with nothing taken away) should always have a very characteristic smell, having a sort of warm and earthy tone: pleasant or unpleasant depending on your taste. Some people like it while others do not. This scent is precisely how it is supposed to smell due to the high amounts of omega fatty acids. This scent dissipates after a few minutes. This has nothing to do with the freshness of the oil. The Rosehip oil you ordered was just made within the last few weeks and is as fresh as possible.


VoilaVe’s Rose hip oil does wonders for dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, scars, stretch marks, and dry and damaged hair.

Here are some quick facts about Rosehip Seed Oil: Rosehip seed oil comes from the seeds of the rosehip fruit, a wild plant that grows in Chile and is extremely high in essential fatty acids. Rosehip seed oil is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, A (retinol(, and linoleic and linolenic acids- all of which are amazing for skin and hair health. Rosehip seed oil was used by the Ancient Egyptians, Myans, and Native Americans for its healing properties.

Some other benefits include:  Being able to correct UV damage from the sun, being able to reduce the appearance of scars, burns, and stretch marks. It treats fine lines and wrinkles and hydrates dry skin. Another thing it can do is even skin tone, especially hyper-pigmentation, age spots or other little discolorations.

One thing I’ve learned about rosehip seed oil is that you can use it as a makeup remover and it actually works very well. I love that VoilaVe’s rosehip seed oil has a dual purpose. I can use it to moisturize my skin and also remove makeup. It works very well for that purpose.

VoilaVe’s rosehip seed oil has been a part of my daily routine for a while now and I can really tell a difference in the texture of my skin and I can tell a few of the spots on my face have started to lighten. I’ve also been using it on my elbows with great success. They aren’t near as dry and cracked as they had been and it’s amazing to actually say that they are starting to soften up a bit.

Another use for this oil that I’ve recently started to try out is putting it on my dry feet. I’ve had such dry feet for quite some time and heard using rosehip seed oil on it would help. So when I got the VoilaVe rosehip seed oil, I put some on a cotton pad and rubbed it into my feet. I can say that my feet are much softer now! It’s amazing what this oil can do.

If you’d like to try our VoilaVe’s rosehip seed oil for yourself, you can get it on

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product for free for my honest and unbiased opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products that I believe my readers will like!

Monday, September 15, 2014

InstaNatural Emu Oil


100% Pure Emu Oil. No added chemicals or preservatives. Just Pure and Natural Emu Oil.

Unsurpassed nourishing benefits: provides radiant youthful and plumper skin.

     Reduces dryness, redness, itching, marks, and soothes sunburn & Promotes      hair health and growth.

Perfect for aching joints, sore muscles, sprains, burns, wounds and scars.

MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: InstaNatural backs their products with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, no matter where you buy our product. If you're not satisfied, simply contact us and get a full refund.


I’ve heard of people using Emu oil before, but this is my first time trying it. I wasn’t sure about it at first because it’s different than other moisturizing oils I’ve tried. It has a milky white color and it’s almost gooey in consistency. Once you rub it in your skin all the way, it’s not oily.

I wanted to see if Emu oil would help with my very dry elbows and a few of the other dry patchy spots on my body. It doesn’t seem to be actually healing they dryness, but it does soften it. I noticed my elbows aren’t near as scratchy dry and the other spots I tried it on are still there, but are much softer. So I can tell that this oil is doing something.

This Emu Oil has an interesting feel on my skin, it’s not unpleasant. It’s not sticky, or oily, and rubs in easily and absorbs quickly.  I like to put it on after my shower when my skin is still slightly damp. Actually, one of the best uses for Emu oil that I’ve discovered so far was that it works great at moisturizing my legs and that helps make shaving much less of a chore.

Overall, I think InstaNatural’s Emu Oil is a great product to have on hand. It’s unique and actually works well at softening the skin. If you have any kind of dry skin, Emu Oil would probably work very well for you. Give it a try! You can get InstaNatural’s Emu Oil on

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Optimal Healthcare Labs Advanced Probiotic Ultra


Best Probiotics Supplement for your Body - Probiotic Supplement for Women, Kids and Men. Feel Great with Our All Natural Formula for Essential Good Health. 10.12 Billion Per Serving with More Than 50 Billion Cfus in One Bottle! Dr Oz Also Recommends Adding Probiotics to Our Daily Diets - Safe & No Side Effects, Great for Acne, Excellent for Colon Health and Constipation. Helps with Bloating and Abdominal Discomfort. Have a Digestive Advantage in your stomach today and Boost your Immune System with Billions of Live Cultures  60 Vegetarian Capsules.

My digestive system isn’t the best- I get all kinds of weird issues that seem to be pretty random most of the time. I like probiotics because they seem to help regulate things and things aren’t so random.

These probiotics came at a good time; I had just run out of the ones I had been taking. So I switched over to these. I was curious if a brand switch would wreak havoc on my digestive health or not. So far, I haven’t noticed any changes! That’s good, at least.

These veggie caps are not too large in size and are easy enough to swallow. They have no taste to them or after taste. They also haven’t had any side effects for me. I can’t say this will be true of everyone, but for me it is. They also seem to work pretty well. The transition between brands seems to have been pretty seamless. I am still having the same benefits as other brands and am happy with that.

Overall, I would buy these to use on a regular basis. They work well and are easy to take and that’s what matters most to me.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

InstaNatural Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) serum

InstaNatural Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) serum is well tolerated by all skin types!
• Can be used on normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin.
• Lightweight formula that gets absorbed quickly.
• Achieve a youthful appearance.
• Gain clear, smoother and brighter skin.

I’ve been trying to find a product with a nice thick formula that can moisturize my face as well as help with redness. InstaNatural’s Niacinamide, Vitamin B3, Serum is actually what I am looking for and then some. It’s also good for acne, skin lightning, helps to firm and plump skin, and helps hyperpigmentation.  I was excited to try this product! This product is like many products in one, which is great on the wallet and my face. I use a variety of products and with InstaNaturals Niacinamide; I can probably eliminate a few.

This is a 2oz bottle, which is a pretty good size. You only need a little bit each use, so this bottle will actually last a long time. I love products that last a long time!

This Niacinamide Serum is great for all skin types, so there is no worry about that. I have combination skin- oily and dry at the same time (how does that even make sense?). This product doesn’t make me oilier or drier; it actually balances out my skin if anything! I can feel my skin getting softer, brighter, and healthier. I like that this formula is light, but thick at the same time. It goes on smoothly and it’s very light and absorbs quickly.

Overall, I have to say that this product is a keeper. I think I will definitely be using this product in place of a couple of others I had been using. I am a big fan of B vitamins in general, and putting that directly on my face makes me feel that I am doing my skin some good! My skin is softer, healthier looking, more balanced as far as the combination part goes, and overall better. This product is really wonderful!

You can get a bottle of InstaNatural’s Niacinamide Vitamin B3 Serum on If you don’t like it, no worries, they offer a money back guarantee- no questions asked. I don’t see you not liking it, however!

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Grazia® Silicone 24 Cup MINI Muffin Pan


Grazia® Silicone 24 Cup MINI Muffin Pan is a non-stick food grade silicone muffin cupcake baking pan that is extremely easy to clean, safe to use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, or freezer. It is heat resistant for up to 450°F.

  FDA Approved
  High Quality Construction
  Manufactured in Socially Compliant Facility


I have been wanting to try silicone bake ware forever and was thrilled to get the chance to try out the Grazia Silicone 24 cup Mini Muffin Pan. It’s a pretty red color and is very well made. These pans are safe to use in the oven, microwave, freezer, and the dishwasher. These are well worth investing in as they will last practically forever, clean up very easily, and store easily.

I made a batch of mini muffins and as the instructions state, I put the silicone pan on a cookie sheet to ensure that there would be no oven cleanup and to make it easy to remove from the oven.

When it was time to remove the muffins, I was thrilled to see that they had all baked evenly and were all a nice golden color. I can also say they came out of the pan easily and left little residue in the cups of the pan. I was thrilled! I save money not having to buy paper liners and they just pop out and are easy to store! They also tasted great! I will definitely invest in more silicone bake ware!

You can get the Grazia 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan on for $14.88

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BakeItFun Baking Mat


Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat With Measurements - 420mm x 280mm (16-1/2" x 11") with Free Recipe eBook.
Toaster Oven & Freezer Safe - Cookie, Macaroon & Pastry Sheet.
Certified FDA Approved
* This is a USA Half Size Baking Mat - 16-1/2" x 11" (280x420mm) - Custom designed cutted corners fits perfectly a 13"x18" pan.
* Manufactured using FDA and LFGB approved materials - Made of fiber cloths covered with the best food grade silicone
* BakeitFun Baking Mat doesn't require any grease, get rid of the extra fat or shortenings - Cook Nontoxic: Our mat is BPA free.
* Non-Stick surface eliminates the need to scrub - Keep your baking sheets always clean - Just rinse with warm water and air dry or dishwasher, then roll it and store.
* Reusable mat with outstanding heat conductivity - Perfect to use in oven, microwave or freezer - Takes up to -40F (-40 C) degrees to 450F (230 C) degrees - Flavors or odors will not penetrate the baking mat


This was my first time using a baking mat, and I am not sure why I hadn’t tried one sooner! This mat is fantastic! I love that it makes cleanup easy, it has circles on it so as to make the cookies the same size and to evenly space them out and to keep them from forming one giant cookie blob, as well as keep the bottoms of the cookies from burning.

This mat fits perfectly in my cookie sheet, and like I said before, it makes for easy cleanup! No burnt on crumbs to scrape off, no oily goo to spray on and have to try to get off, and I can just toss it in the dishwasher to clean it! Perfect for making quick, easy, and yummier cookies!

It’s almost cookie making time, and this mat would most definitely make that time go faster and easier! I can picture myself making more cookies and more varieties because this mat really makes things go quicker, easier, and a whole lot cleaner. I am going to have to get a couple more mats so that I can set up a few trays at once to make the process faster and smoother.

I highly recommend the BakeItFun Baking Mat!

The BakeItFun Baking Mat is on right now for $14.77

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

InstaNatural Rosehip Seed Oil


ONLY ONE INGREDIENT: 100% Pure Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil | NO FILLERS: No Unneeded Fillers and Dilutions - Paraben, Alcohol, and Fragrance Free. Bottled in the USA In Our Advanced FDA Certified Facility.

GET YOUTHFUL - RADIANT COMPLEXION: Dry Skin will be instantly replenished and revitalized. Fine Lines are visibly reduced and skin is immediately brighter and more radiant.

BIGGEST BOTTLE: Get the most bang for your buck and get the most value for your money by buying our 4 oz Bottle. Don't pay more per ounce by settling for other brands or smaller sized bottles.

OTHER BENEFITS: Also helps diminish the appearance of scars & stretch marks. Also great for sun spots, age spots, brittle nails, damaged hair & more!

MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: InstaNatural backs their products with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, no matter where you buy our product. If you're not satisfied, simply contact us and get a full refund.


I have been using this Rosehip Seed Oil on my face, neck and hands to help alleviate my dry and cracked skin and cuticles. I have also been using it on a few dry patches on my face and neck. I’ve noticed that it does a great job of softening the areas on my hands that needs it as well as the few areas on my face I use it.

I’ve been using this in place of cuticle oil with great results. I find it’s more affordable and just as effective! I’ve very happy with this product. You get a large 4oz bottle that lasts practically forever because you only use a few drops at a time.

There are so many uses for this product, more than what I use it for. Some uses for this product include using for: a skin moisturizer, hair, stretch marks, scars, discoloration, wrinkles, and fine lines.
This product does have a slight odor to it; however it is not overwhelming or unbearable. I really like 
the fact that this product is organic and pure. They do suggest refrigerating this product which I do and actually like as it feels good on my skin when I use it.

Overall, I’m very happy to have this product as part of my beauty routine. I really love InstaNatural’s products and as always this product is no exception!

You can get your own bottle of InstaNatural Rosehip Seed Oil on

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InstaNatural - Argan Oil Hair Mask


Our Argan Oil Hair Mask is a deep conditioning treatment designed to transform dry and damaged strands into soft, shiny, healthy hair. Its restorative ingredients - such as Argan Oil, Japanese Green Tea, Amino Acid Complex, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil & Vitamin B5 - work together to penetrate hair deep down and deliver ultimate nourishment and hydration to enhance texture and shine. This intensive blend full of organic ingredients also serves to strengthen hair to defend against heat damage and other external aggressors.

Key Active Ingredients:
Argan Oil
Amino Acid Complex
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Vitamin B5


I’ve had some pretty dry hair this summer and nothing much has made a difference in terms of how it feels. So when I had the opportunity to try InstaNatural’s Argan Oil Hair Mask, I jumped at it. I love InstaNatural’s products and was sure this product would be as wonderful as all the rest had been.
The first thing I noticed about this mask was that it smelled wonderful. I couldn’t wait to dig in and slather up my hair in this nice thick Argan Oil Hair Mask. I applied the mask to my hair, except for the very roots. I left it in for a while, InstaNatural recommends 5-15 minutes, and then rinsed it out. I think I left it in for around 10 minutes.

It rinsed out fairly easily and my hair felt so silky smooth, shinier, healthier and most importantly less dry! I swear I had a new head of hair! This Argan Oil Hair Mask is amazing stuff. I’ve used it a couple times a week with great results. My hair looks so much healthier now. I’ve actually noticed that my hair seems to have more volume too, which is great because I have next to no volume! I’ve been getting compliments on it that I’ve never gotten in the past. I’m very happy with InstaNatural’s Argan Oil Hair Mask.

Overall, this product is like magic in a little container! It does things for your hair that you can’t even begin to imagine. I wish I had an actual camera so I could show you a before and after. It’s pretty amazing!

You can get InstaNatural’s Argan Oil Hair Mask on currently $19.95 for 8oz of hair magic!

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