Monday, June 30, 2014

Summit Nutritions Raspberry Ketones Extract Supplement + #Giveaway!!


Raspberry Ketones Extract supplement is one of Summit Nutritions bestselling supplements. They are made from the finest quality natural ingredients that meet cGMP Good Manufacturing Practices for quality.

Key Features:

Rapid Results – can product visible weight loss results in two weeks

Maximizes Body Energy – enzyme lipases helps to breakdown fat cells, turning fat to fuel promoting increased energy levels

Burns Body Fat - by metabolism and lipolysis (breakdown of fat)
Promotes Appetite Suppression - causes the body to release more of a hormone “leptin.” Leptin is one of the appetite hormones in your body that, when producing more, will help you feel full

Pure Natural Raspberry Ketones Extract – a safe, natural compound found in raspberries. Not synthesized in a laboratory.

Comes in 500 mg/ Capsules – 120 Capsules per bottle manufactured in the USA in USFDA, cGMP Certified Manufactured Facility


I started taking this product a couple weeks ago and take one capsule two times a day about 30 minutes before my meals with a lot of water. Honestly, I haven’t seen any noticeable difference in my weight (physically). I did lose a few pounds in that time period, however I can’t prove it was because of this supplement.

What this product did do for me was it suppressed my appetite pretty well. I have trouble with my appetite sometimes and I found this product helped quite a bit. I wasn’t near as hungry as I typically am. That, to me, is a feat in and of itself. I also feel more energized and willing to get into the physical routine I have set for myself. Sometimes I just feel “blah”, but I’ve noticed I have less of that feeling since taking these Raspberry Ketones. I enjoy the more energized feeling and that alone, to me, is worth taking this product!

I like that this product’s ingredients are pure raspberry ketones and the vegetarian capsule that contains the pure product. That is fantastic! I hate and won’t take supplements that are full of fillers, binders, and artificial junk.

I think these supplements, combined with exercise and healthy eating habits can really help you in your weight loss goals. Raspberry ketones aren’t a magical weight loss cure, but they can help you with your weight loss goal by suppressing your appetite and by helping your body deal with fat.
Summit Nutritions recommends that you do not exceed 1500 mg of this product a day and that pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with medical conditions consult their physician before starting this supplement.

As with all supplements, Pure Raspberry Ketones Extract has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. This particular supplement contains a much higher dosage of Raspberry Ketone per capsule when compared to other leading brands.

You can get Summit Nutritions Pure Raspberry Ketones at

Enter to win a bottle of Summit Nutritions Pure Raspberry Ketones 

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Adovia Mineral Eye Gel


Adovia’s Mineral Eye Gel is great for reducing eye puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines around eyes

Adovia promises that your eyes will look 10 years younger, or they will give you your money back!

Reduces puffiness under and around the eyes, makes eyes appear years younger and radiant
Gets Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes - Your Eyes Will Look More Youthful and Refreshed!

Formulated specifically for the gentle area around the eyes – this light eye gel absorbs quickly into the skin for deep hydration

Dead Sea Salt delivers an immediate infusion of Dead Sea Minerals – essential for proper skin health

Contains Vitamin C which delivers powerful antioxidants deep into skin cells


As I’ve said before, I am in love with Adovia’s products! I was so excited to be able to try this Mineral Eye Gel and share my findings with you all. I love Adovia’s product packaging, and this product was no different. It came in a sweet little box with the typical Adovia labeling. The product itself was contained in the cutest little glass jar with a metal screw top lid. It was simple to open and use the product.

The product itself was absolutely odorless/scent free. I was very happy as most eye creams/gels have a chemical-like smell to them that really puts me off. I am not sure I ever want to put something that smells impure near my eyes, let alone on my face.  The gel is very light, thin, and creamy. It is perfect for getting that light coating you want when putting around your eyes.

I have absolutely horrible looking eyes! I have the worst dark eye circles – seriously. I haven’t found a product yet that could touch them and no cover-up works to fully conceal them. It’s horrible and embarrassing at times. I also tend to get bags due to my lack of sleep a lot of the time.

I decided to put this product to the ultimate test.  I was easily able to apply a nice thin layer to my under eye area. It went on so smoothly and felt dreamy on my face. It has a slight cooling/tingly feeling to it and it absorbed very quickly into my skin. I have been using it morning and night for a couple weeks. Honestly, it hasn’t cured my dark eye circles, and I knew it wouldn’t (it’s just something I was born with I suppose), but it did seem to lighten them slightly and it has worked wonders for my eye bags. I haven’t had nearly the problem with them since using this product!

This is just one product that is a must have for anyone wanting beautiful eyes and for anyone who is serious about skin care! It’s fantastic, just like the rest of Adovia’s products.

This product can be purchased at and it’s currently selling at $29 (a steal for what you are getting!)

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wearever: Health & Wellness Apparel Solutions - Socks + #Giveaway!!


“Aside from reusable Incontinence briefs & incontinence panties, Wearever Incontinence offers 100% cotton diabetic socks made by Buster Brown, for maximum comfort and durability. Appropriate for those with poor circulation, easily irritated skin, or diabetes Buster Brown 100% cotton socks are made with no elastic or synthetics. The seamless design of Buster Brown cotton socks with cushioning improve comfort, reduce binding, and eliminate skin irritation”.

Wearever offers diabetic socks because they understand how difficult it can be with diabetes. They understand that diabetes and other disease can create complications with your circulation. Most socks tend to restrict blood flow, which, over time, can cause clotting, bruising, and other serious conditions.

They also cater to those with sensitive skin as their socks are made to be irritation free. Buster Brown socks reduce the likelihood of chaffing, sweating, and rashes. Their socks offer superior comfort, and are made with full cotton, non-elastic material to prevent snagging and marks.


I was given the opportunity to try a 3-pack of Buster Brown Diabetic socks for women from Wearever. I am not diabetic, however I do have nerve issues in my feet that is similar to that of diabetic nerve pain. I have problems with most socks out there, so I was hopeful that these socks would work for me. The socks I choose to try are not fashionable enough to wear with shorts; however they are just fine with pants.

The first thing I noticed when trying these socks on was that they were very lightweight and comfortable. I didn’t have the usual discomfort and urge to take them off like I have most of the time. My feet didn’t get tingly or go numb, they were just right. I love that these socks are irritation free and that there is no elastic or synthetic materials in these 100% cotton socks.

I’ve been wearing them for a few days and have had no problems with comfort or pain/numbness in my feet. I am so thrilled to be able to wear socks without having any discomfort or irritation. I also want to note that I had no sweating (even in this heat!) and my feet have stayed cool and comfortable. I would get these socks again! I am very happy with how they’ve worked out for me.

They have a few different styles and lengths to choose from and also carry socks for men. They also carry other products. 

You can use coupon code “10OFF”  to get 10% off any orders on

Stay up to date and current with Wearever on Facebook and Pinterest.


Wearever is kind enough to give away one of their products to one of my readers! Enter below to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

StyloPhora Ice Ball Mold's

“StyloPhora is passionate about bringing the best quality products to the market. We pride ourselves on great customer service and products that exceed your expectations.”

This product is designed for making large perfectly round ice balls
                Great for drinks at parties           
                Great for whiskey drinkers

The silicone molds come in a pack of 3 and include a silicone funnel in the pack
These ice ball molds come in a great clear tube packaging, with easy to follow instructions

          The funnel can be used to fill the molds without mess or spilling your choice of liquid, it is also very      useful for other applications in the kitchen

The molds also have fill lines printed on them so that they can be easily filled with the correct amount of liquid

Dogs also love to play with these ice balls in their water bowl

StyloPhora offers a Life Time Guarantee, these ice ball molds will not leak like other inferior products

Made of the highest quality 100% FDA food grade silicone, Dishwasher safe and BPA free

Unique packaging ideal for storing these awesome Sphere Ice Molds

StyloPhora's Ice Ball Molds are 2.5” in diameter and are 100% FDA-approved food grade silicone. These molds are dishwasher safe and are also BPA free. These ice ball molds come stacked in a set of three in a nice clear tube and come with a collapsible blue funnel for easy filling. The packaging that these molds come in makes it easy to store these molds.

The mold comes in two halves. You just snap the two pieces together and fill the mold with the blue funnel. There are black dashed lines at the top of the mold that let you know to stop filling. If you overfill, the water will freeze out of the fill hole. If you fill to the fill line, your ice balls will come out perfectly round!

When you are ready to use the ice ball(s) just pry apart the mold (this can be tricky sometimes)! And you should have the ball stuck in the bottom of the mold. I had a little trouble at first trying to get the ball out of the bottom, but I just ran a little water over the ball/mold and was able to get it out that way. It wasn't a big deal.

The first time I made an ice ball, I was so excited to see it after it froze. It was awesome! I tried it out right away in a big ‘ole glass of iced tea. It was so nice and refreshing. The ice ball felt nice when it hit my lip and it kept my tea very cold and the ice ball did not melt very fast at all. I liked that it didn’t melt too fast because then my drink didn’t become all watery like it usually does with regular ice cubes.

After I played around with regular ice balls, I decided to do some experimenting. I was able to add some fruit to my ice ball mold before putting together and filling and after filling and freezing, I had a beautiful ice ball with pretty colored fruit (raspberries in my case) in the middle. It was a beautiful and easy touch!

These ice balls would be amazing in a large punch bowl! Add some fruit or mint leaves to the mold before filling and have a beautiful way to pretty up your punch (or whatever you like)!

You could also use juice or other liquids to create beautiful and fun balls of frozen goodness! It would be great to make iced tea balls to add to your iced tea, so that when it melts there will be no diluting your tea. You could do this with any liquid/drink really.

While the balls aren’t total spheres (you do get a small line around the middle where the mold snapped together), they are very pretty and very fun to play around with. I rather enjoy making ice balls daily.

You can purchase your own Ice Ball Molds on

Check out the Ice Ball Mold Website

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Pure Luxe Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C + E + Hyaluronic Acid is well known for its anti-aging properties and its ability to give you a brighter and more radiant appearance

Pure Luxe’s Facial Serum Contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E  suspended in a concentrated base of Pure Vegan Hyaluronic Acid for superior Anti-Aging effects

Vitamin C helps smooth and firm skin and fades brown spots by inhibiting the free radicals that trigger wrinkling, sagging, and other aging changes. Apply Vitamin C in the morning, to protect your skin from free radicals caused by sun damage

With bounds of studies singing its praise, Vitamin E is a skincare superstar. The vitamin has been proven to ease dryness and boosts skin’s UV defense.

Hyaluronic acid, or sodium hyaluronate as it’s also known, has become a serious skincare staple. It’s the body’s own hydrating molecule, able to absorb up to 1000 times its own weight in water and responsible for keeping our skin plump, smooth and supple. Sadly, our natural levels deplete as we age, so fight off fine lines and a loss of skin tone with our latest Vitamin C Serum.

Pure Luxe’s 20% Vitamin C + E + Hyaluronic Acid is the absolute highest quality vitamin C serum available

Vitamin C serum is proven to stimulate collagen and reduce fine line and wrinkles

This serum is derived from 98% natural and 72% organic ingredients

Made in the USA In an advanced FDA certified facility

The first thing I noticed about this serum was its beautiful packaging. I think pretty packaging makes me feel better about the product. If a company is willing to put effort into creating an attractive packaging, they must be willing to put the same effort into the product.

I’ve tried several different vitamin C serums and like most of them, but this product is great. This product goes on easily and smoothed into my skin quickly. Some serums are very thin and you need to use more of it, however this one is a little thicker and you don’t need as much as some other brands. I like being able to use less and still get great results.

I’ve used this product for a couple of weeks (morning and evening after washing my face) and have found it to work great. I love how smooth my skin feels, how soft it is, and how I seem to notice a slight reduction of my fine lines. I just use a nice thin layer- you don’t need much! I also love knowing that this product is helping my skin from all the free radicals caused by sun damage. I get a lot of sun, so I’m happy to be able to use a product to help protect my skin.

This product also has no smell and is very gentle. I think this product would be great for any skin type or tone. Even people with sensitive skin would be able to use this product without any sort of irritation.

You can only get this product on It currently sells for $19.90 (prices do occasionally change). 

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Natural Nutrition Labs Premium Garcinia Cambogia + GIVEAWAY!

Product Description:
Garcinia Cambogia Extract Appetite Suppressant

Natural Nutrition Labs Premium Garcinia Cambogia extract is produced in the USA using 60% HCA to produce a fast acting weight loss supplement.

How Garcinia Cambogia Works:

The rind of the fruit Garcinia Cambogia, called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), is responsible for its powerful weight loss properties.

HCA helps weight loss by:

* Blocking An Enzyme That Helps Produce Body Fat
* Suppressing Your Appetite By Increasing Serotonin

A study by Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism in 2004 stated that people who added this ingredient appeared to lose up to three times more weight.

Natural Nutrition Labs Garcinia Cambogia: Why It Works

Dr Oz and independent bodies suggested you should look for Garcinia Cambogia that has

* 60% HCA: Natural Nutrition Labs product uses 60% HCA, many offer inferior 50%
* 3000mg is the maximum daily dosage recommended: Many suppliers below 3000mg daily,                 they offer the FULL 3000mg.

Guaranteed Quality From The USA

Natural Nutrition Labs Garcinia Cambogia is USA produced and follows Good Manufacturing                  Practices.
You get 60% HCA and the FULL 3000mg per day free from fillers and binders.
They offer a FULL 100% money back guarantee.

Natural Nutrition Labs Garcinia Cambogia has been working great for me. I take two before each of three meals. I take them and wait before I eat as taking them while I eat won’t give me the same results.

The caps themselves were not too large and were easy to swallow. They also had no aftertaste or weird smell to them. I didn’t mind taking them at all, especially three times a day. It was no big deal.

I love that this is a huge bottle with 180 veggie capsules. I feel that it will last a good amount of time and an even longer amount of time if I only take these twice a day (sometimes I just forget)! You really get a good value for your money.

In the first few days I could tell my appetite was less than it had been. I don’t want to eat as much and I have less desire to snack. This, to me, is great.

So the weigh in: I weighed myself after the first week to see if any progress was made. I lost 3lbs. To me, that is great because I don’t want to lose too much too fast. I want to be able to keep it off. After the second week, I lost 2 lbs for a total of 5 lbs in two weeks. I’m still happy with that. Everyone is different and I can’t say that these will work for everyone and I can’t say everyone will lose the same amount of weight, but I have known several people who’ve tried it with great results.

Overall, I will continue to take these capsules in hopes that my weight will slowly drop off due to my lessened appetite.  They work great, are easy to take, and are overall a higher than average dose (3000mg) that has a higher than average positive result! 

You can buy this product on


Enter for your chance to win a bottle of Natural Nutrition Labs Premium Garcinia Cambogia!
1 winner will be randomly selected, GOOD LUCK!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

VoilaVe 100% Pure Low & High Molecular (LH) Hyaluronic Acid Serum


     VoilaVe is the only Low and High Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Serum on Amazon.
     Low and High Molecular Weight gives better performance as it allows for a deeper penetration                for intense hydration
     It’s proven to give intense hydration to skin and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
     It’s made in the USA in an advanced FDA certified facility
     There are no unneeded fillers or dilutions such as paraben, alcohol and it is fragrance free
     It immediately delivers a more youthful appearance to your skin


One of the first things I noticed about this product was that it said “Professional Moisturizing Serum” and that it has High and Low Molecular weight. That intrigued me, so I saw that the low and high molecular weights actually help the product to work better and increase the penetration of hydration.

I’ve tried other hyaluronic acid serums before, but this is the only one I’ve seen that has the high and low molecular weights. It’s also the thickest formula I’ve seen yet. I was quite amazed at how thick the product was, and yet how incredibly fast it absorbed into my skin; it was almost instantaneous.

I only needed a few of the thick drops to cover my face and it absorbed very fast. It also left absolutely no residue or greasy feeling to my skin. It actually worked incredibly well at hydrating my skin and left my face feeling softer.

Another thing I noticed about this product is that it felt very nice and cool and I almost want to say “tingly” when it smoothed on my face. It felt very nice. I had no problems using other products on my face and it works perfect under makeup.

I think this is my new favorite serum! I use it twice a day and have noticed such a great improvement in my skins overall appearance. I’m very happy with this product!

You can purchase this product on

You can visit VoilaVe’s website to find more information on this and other products! 

Disclosure: I was generously offered this product in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rainbow Bandz Loom Kit


The Rainbow Bandz loom kit includes 600 silicone loom bands, 24 clips, one loom board, and one tool. These are all organic and latex free! You have enough bands and clips to make 24 bracelets.
Also included in this kit Is an instruction manual that gives you some pointers on how to use Rainbow Bandz, How to use Mini Rainbow Bandz, and How to use the Rainbow Loom Hook to remove loom base as well as a loom pattern map and a loom extension (if you would happen to have more than one loom).

The instruction manual, when unfolded, has easy to follow instructions on how to make a “single” pattern rubber band link bracelet. This is great for the beginner or younger child learning how to use the loom.

They note that this product is not for children 3 or younger due to potential choking hazards and the hook that’s included in the look. They also caution not to wear your bracelet around your neck (obviously). They want you to make bracelets that are loose enough to wear and to not wear if you develop any kind of redness while in contact with the loom bands or components.


This Rainbow Bandz Look has plastic pegs and removable pieces on the bottom that keep the loom together. You can remove the pieces if you have more looms that you want to hook together. You can easily fit this loom with other name brand looms of the same style. This loom makes it easy for kids, or adults, to make simple to more complicated bracelet easily.

A picture of my Rainbow Bandz Kit
I like that this kit comes with a wide variety of colored bands: from white and black to neon pink, green, blue, etc. You really get a nice assortment of bright colors.  You also get a nice loom hook that makes hooking bands together easily. It also has an end on the back of it to be able to remove the slats that hold the loom together. You can easily change the loom around to suit your needs. And as a small bonus, you get a little gadget on the back of the hook that you can take off and use to make fishtail bracelets. This little thing is pretty neat. I was easily able to make a pretty fishtail bracelet.

This loom would be perfect for home, traveling, camp, or even at parties. It would be a neat idea to have several of these for a girl’s slumber or birthday party. 

I was able to easily make a single chain bracelet in just a minute or two. Hooking the bands on the loom is fast and simple. Actually hooking the bands together was also simple. I was also able to easily attach a clip to bring the bracelet together.

Overall I really enjoyed making bracelets with this loom. I decided to get more adventurous and look on google and YouTube for more advanced bracelet tutorials. I had a fun time creating bracelets with this loom and look forward to making more interesting and advanced projects.

The only negative thing I can say about this loom is that the open ends of the pegs are a little sharp. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with a small child as I wouldn’t want them to get scratched. Other than that, I would recommend this loom for older children or adults as it’s cheaper than the name brands and does the same exact thing.

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Premium 6 Ft Extension Cords by Solid Cordz


Solid Cordz 6 foot extension cable is the solution to your electronics and power equipment reaching problems. This sturdy and long-lasting 72-inch length extension wire can give your room a clean and organized look. The cable is thicker than the usual which houses a 16 AWG wire. The cables are fully rated for 125 volt/13 Amp applications.

The purpose of the Premium 6 Foot Extension Cord is to make unreachable outlets accessible and at range at all times. With its bendable property, reaching power strips and outlets are easily made possible. Solid Cordz product has easy grip ends which ensure no grounding problems and proven safety
Solid Cordz products are proven and tested for their top-quality: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and CSA approved.

They also offer a “no questions asked” lifetime 100% money back guarantee.


I was given the opportunity to test out two of these 6 foot extension cords by Solid Cordz and was again happy with their product. I had previously tested their 6 foot universal power cord with great results. Like the power cord, this product is 6 feet or 72 inches in length giving you a lot of freedom of movement.

I often have trouble reaching outlets as they are few and far between, so I was thrilled to have these extension cords to be able to move some things around to where I actually wanted them as now they would reach. 6 feet is a great length as it easily allows you to add a nice amount of length to just about any cord.

I love that these cords are heavy duty and very durable. I have a cat that loves to chew through thin and medium thick cords. I’m not sure why, but she does. In any event, she won’t be able to chew threw these cords! BONUS! 

While being thick and heavy duty, they are also very flexible and easy to work with.I prefer these cords to the cheap ones you can get at the store, they just aren’t the same. My plugs fit into the end of the extension cord nice and snug, and I don’t feel like they will just fall out of it or not be fully in the holes. I have had it happen where the original cord doesn’t fit right in the extension cord’s female end. It drove me nuts! I don’t have this problem with Solid Cordz at all. I really like these extension cords. They are perfect!

If you are looking for more information on Solid Cordz or if you just want to get one of their great products, Solid Cordz is one site you need to check out!

You can also get this and their other products on

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

LumenX Ez Grip Bike Light

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

This EX Grip Bile Light comes with a front bike light and a rear taillight (two for the price of one!) that is made to fit any bike. It doesn’t matter if it’s a street bike, mountain bike, or even a child’s bike- this will fit! It is easy to attach, water resistant and made of a silicone material. It works great as a safety and emergency light.

The lights have two dual LED bright lights that illuminate your bike seat and tire to make you more visible to approaching cars. They also have long lasting lithium ion coin batteries that provide over 130 hours of flashing use and 25 hours continuous use. LumenX also offers a life time guarantee on these lights!
I opened the package to find the two lights- one red LED light for the back of the bike and one white LED light for the front of the bike.

These lights have four modes to choose from: Constant, Strobe, Disco strobe or Epileptic Fit Strobe. You can choose whichever suits you.

These lights are super easy to attach – even a child could attach it to their bike. You can do this with just one hand. Just slide it on and clip it. It’s that easy. It really would fit any bike. I tried it on a couple of our bikes with no problems. It’s very adaptable.

The lights themselves are very bright and easily show up at night and even during the day. It’s great knowing you can get a bright and effective light for your bike at a great price. The fact that it’s so easy to attach even a child could do it, is a bonus. The best part is that they have a lifetime guarantee. To me that says this is a quality product that won’t let you down.  

Where I live you really need to be careful when riding your bike. When it’s foggy, it’s very hard to see anyone riding their bike, when it’s dark it’s hard to see and even in the day sometimes. It’s always a good idea to have a light on your bike for safety and these lights work great for that.

You can check this product out on

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

UNi 100% Organic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Argan oil is derived from nuts found within the fruit of Argan trees, which grow almost exclusively in a certain region of Morocco. Argan oil helps to protect, hydrate, and restore elasticity to all hair types. Argan oil has a large concentration of fatty acids and antioxidants to help restore the appearance of dull skin, hair, body, scalp and hands. Argan oil reduces and removes frizzy and damaged hair. Argan oil is also wonderful for your cuticles as well as to help prevent cracking and peeling of your nails. It is also used to treat a variety of skin issues that many people have from dry skin and wrinkles to psoriasis, eczema and acne. The anti-aging properties are highly sought after.


First of all my bottle of UNi Argan oil was manufactured April 18, 2014 and has a shelf life of about 36 months. I love that it tells me this information. 

UNi’s Argan Oil is 100% pure and organic made from Moroccan Argan Trees. It has a very light nutty scent to it, but is otherwise scent free. It is very fast absorbing, light, and smooth. One of the best features of this oil is that is not at all greasy. That’s very important to me! I hate feeling greasy. This particular Argan oil is so fast absorbing that you couldn’t even tell you put it on except that it makes your skin feel super smooth and soft right away.

I first rubbed the oil into my fingernails and cuticles, and then I did my hands. I couldn’t believe how soft my hands got. This oil works so quickly! I also used a small amount and rubbed it into my hair to help soften, smooth, and try to calm it down.  I noticed my hair was so much shinier as well, but not at all greasy. I’m sure if I over did the oil it would become greasy.

The last few days I've been using it on my face and have already noticed how much softer and smoother it is. I haven't had the flakiness that I had been having on my face and I love my now smooth skin.

I’m not sure I could function without having Argan oil on my shelf! I absolutely love this stuff! Seriously, if you haven’t tried Argan oil, you should!  It does wonders for your hair, body, and skin.

You can get UNi’s Argain Oil (Organic) at
Visit UNi Purity’s website

About UNi’s Argan Oil:
Highest quality of oil production; it is cold pressed and unroasted
Comes rich in Vitamin E (Tocopherols) and Omega 6 (Linolenic Acids)
NO strong odors
Our 100% organic Argan oil has a light nutty smell and is fragrance free
USDA and ECOCERT certification means high purity and authentic
Can be used on sensitive and non-sensitive skin to reduce age spots and boost skin tones
Manufactured in the Kingdom of Morocco and Packaged in the USA
UNi Argan Oil comes in a beautiful smooth dark glass bottle with easy access dropper
UNi Argan Oil is manufactured and bottled throughout the year to ensure freshness and quality
Manufactured date is printed on every bottle with a shelf-life of 36 months

The bottle has a beautiful orange/yellow label that boasts a 5 star purity rating, and has a 5 star promise: Top Grade Qualty –Lowest free acidity rate on the market: 0.31% ZERO defects, Lowest peroxide level 1.6%, Freshly produced and bottled from crop to shelf within weeks, USDA Organic Certified by IMC, Ecocert Certification of Organic Operations, Pure non-diluted with no additives or preservatives. Low UFA.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Julep Maven Subscription Box

I absolutely love subscription boxes. I love getting little surprises in the mail, who doesn’t? So I joined Julep Maven because the first box is free (just use code: FREEBOX). I figured I couldn’t go wrong! There is almost always a code for a free first box, so don’t pay for it! You can always cancel if you don’t like what you get.

What you get:
You get first access to the latest color trends and beauty innovations.
You get flexibility to customize your monthly box.
You get exclusive benefits, like free shipping and 20% off at
You get over $40 in value in each box (or try Maven Luxe to get over $60 value).

How Julep Maven Works:
Choose your favorite welcome box.
Add some of the best sellers at special intro-only prices.
Get excited! You can start enjoying the rest of your Maven perks right away.

When you first sign up, you will take a style quiz. At the end, they tell you what they think your style is. You can also look at all the styles and choose which one you feel fits you most. They will send you a box based on these styles. For my first box, I got “It Girl”.  (See below for the different style profiles)

My first box arrived, and in it were three pretty colors of nail polish, two little spongy filing squares (I suspect were a free sample gift) and a welcome booklet with information on Julep products, etc. It also came with a coupon code for 50% my first order from I actually ended up placing an order right away after getting my box! I absolutely loved all the colors they offer and some of the other products they have caught my eye.

The three colors I got were: Kam – A sort of pastel green color, Princess Grace – What seems to be a pastel peachy color, and Margaret – A pretty pastel blue color. I was pretty happy with these colors.

I also want to note that these nail polishes are made in the USA, are Vegan, and Cruelty free. They also have this information on the packaging of the polish: They have the strengthing power of Hexanal, Even color distribution and superior coverage, Oxygen technology that lets nails breathe, and Antioxidants from pure green coffee extract. I can honestly say I haven’t noticed that on a nail polish before!
Here’s a photo of what I got

I tried out the polishes right away to see how they worked for me. I found that they were easy to apply, had very nice coverage (I still needed a second coat), and lasted me quite a while before chipping – several days. I actually was trying to get it to chip, and couldn’t. I love that the polish has such bold pigmentation and covers so nicely. Most polishes are not quite as smooth and easy to apply. The polish also comes of easily and clean with nail polish remover.

So Maven also has a monthly Maven review where you can preview your box, try a new style, upgrade, add extras, or even send your box to a friend (no extra charge)! I love that you are able to see what your next box will be and even change it if you want. Now that is fantastic! If you love what they show you, you don’t need to make any changes. The monthly Maven Reveal is on the 20th-24th each month. On the 27th of each month, they will start shipping boxes. And on the 1st, there is a Secret Store that opens – it’s an exclusive perk for Mavens who took the last box.  

The different style profiles include:
It Girl – A natural trendsetter who’s not afraid to be bold. You love cutting-edge colors and finishes that make a statement.
Classic with a Twist – An  iconic beauty with a timeless aesthetic. You’re drawn to chic, elegant colors that pair well with any occasion.
Boho Glam – A dynamic free spirit with a creative eye. You favor a mix of earthy tones and playful, vibrant colors.
Bombshell – A confident frill-seeker with magnetic appeal. You adore bold, glam colors and anything that sparkles. Modern Beauty – A savvy tastemaker obsessed with the art and science of beauty. You’re always first to try the latest, most innovative beauty products.

I loved my first box so much that I went and used the 50% off right away on! I also loved the benefits of being a Maven (Getting 20% off everything on top of the 50% and free shipping!) That’s just a deal I couldn’t refuse.

Julep has so many beautiful colors and colors to suit everybody. They also have some amazing sale prices (if the products aren’t out of stock already). You seem to have to be quick to get the deals!
If you love getting surprises in the mail, getting awesome nail polishes or beauty products (they have them too), you will love being a Julep Maven!

If you have any questions about this that I haven’t answered, please leave a comment! I’d be happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability. 

Try Julep Maven for yourself! Get your first box FREE with promo code FREEBOX. Who doesn't want free nailpolish!?
Sunday, June 15, 2014

Adovia Facial Lift and Firm Serum with Dead Sea Minerals and Vitamin C

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

About Adovia:
Adovia mineral skin care products are luxurious and each of their products is a powerhouse of Dead Sea minerals, herbs, and other natural elements that make it a pure, yet potent treatment for your various skin concerns.

The makers of Adovia know that many people have a variety of skin problems that they just think as being normal and don’t think to use anything but their normal skin care products. Adovia is driven to find the best solutions for these problems. Adovia sought to formulate a line what will both address these skin problems at their roots and that will also make you feel pampered and beautiful afterwards.

Indulging in the Adovia mineral skin care like will allow you to experience the ultimate relaxation and tranquility.

The minerals of the Dead Sea are boosted even more because Adovia also uses herbs and other natural elements that have been proven effective. Some of these elements have even been used for thousands of years.

Item Description:
Achieve an instant lift and anti-aging effects on your skin
Delivers anti-wrinkle results over times
Vitamin C – contains a high concentration of vitamin C for anti-wrinkle antioxidant skin protection
Dead Sea Salt – formulated with a high concentration of dead sea minerals and salt – 21 minerals essential for healthy skin a beauty
Non-Oily moisturizer delivers deep hydration and nutrient absorption

Dead Sea salts help in the following ways:
Relieve stress
Slow down skin aging
Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
Soften and moisturize dry, flaky skin
Hydrate the skin and maintain a natural moisture balance
Relieve fluid retention
Replenish minerals in the skin
Relieve symptoms of psoriasis
Reduce redness and irritation
Stimulate blood circulation which relieves rheumatic conditions like muscle and joint aches

I received this product and was very excited to try it out. It came in Adovia’s normally beautiful packaging. It was a little banged up (the box it was in), but that wasn’t a big deal. It’s the product itself that I care about most. I took it out and noticed it came in a nice glass bottle with a pumper.

I wanted to try it out right away, so I made sure to wash my face and dry it. After it dried, I attempted to pump some of the product onto my fingers and found that the pumper did not work. I was bummed out about that. I ended up unscrewing the cap to rub some of the product on my fingers from the “straw” part of the pumper. This is a little inconvenient.

So after that whole event, I finally got around to getting to try the product on my face. It went on nice and easily and absorbed quickly. You can easily wear this product under moisturizers and makeup. It’s a nice non-greasy creamy serum. I’ve been using it for a while now and have noticed my skin is softer and some of my fine lines seem to be reduced. I think the vitamin C in this product has helped with that part. The softness of my skin is wonderful and I truly believe in the power of the Dead Sea Salts.

The product really doesn’t have much of a scent and would be great for all skin types and for those with various skin issues. I think with long term use, this product would really make my skin look young and vibrant. I can’t wait to find out!

Despite the issues I’ve had with the pumper not working on the bottle, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to reduce the signs of aging (fine lines, loss of elasticity, etc). It works great! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Azure Naturals Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

About Azure Naturals:
Azure Naturals provides high quality facial skincare and anti-aging products using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. They are committed to delivering the finest skin care system and making sure that their clients are 100% satisfied with the results.

About Azure Naturals Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Serum:
This is the fastest acting and most effective vitamin C serum available, loaded with powerful anti-aging ingredients: 20% vitamin C + 11% hyaluronic acid + vitamin E + Ferulic acid + Organic aloe + amino complex

This product is perfect for sun damaged skin as it fades sunspots, improves discoloration, and helps protect against future damage.

It also refines skin texture while visibly plumping and firming skin. It also stimulates collagen production which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Azure Natural’s products are made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients available:
                98% natural
                72% organic
                Contains no alcohol, no parabens, and no GMO’s
                Is plant based and cruelty and gluten free

Azure Naturals is so positive that you will love this product that they give you a one year money back guarantee. All Azure Naturals products are backed by their 365-day, 100% Hassle-Free, Money Back Guarantee. If you don't absolutely love their Ultimate Vitamin C Serum they will give you a full refund, including shipping, no matter where you buy the product!

It’s no secret that I love Hyaluronic Acid serums and this one is no different. I have been using it twice a day, as it indicates you can do, and let it absorb into my skin. I especially like to use it under my eyes and around my eyes where I have too many fine lines! I notice as I age (I just had a birthday a couple days ago), I get more and more fine lines. My skin isn’t quite the same as it was when I was younger. It’s a tough thing to deal with. I do find that Hyaluronic Acid really does make a difference in my skin. I have softer skin, I notice my fine lines are softened (but not completely gone), and I notice the small discolorations are fading.

I love that this product is almost completely natural and mostly organic. This is something that is very important to me! I can’t stand the thought of putting chemicals on my skin. Also, this product has an amazing scent to it! It's so natural smelling. It's hard to describe, but it definitely is a pleasant scent. I love that you can even smell that it's natural. It's not a light scent, but it's not heavy either. It's rather wonderful. 

I love that I can use this product under my moisturizer and makeup with no problems whatsoever. It’s as though it’s not even there. I also love that you only need a small amount. One bottle will last a very, very long time! You really get your money’s worth in value and benefits to your skin.
I really recommend everyone have a hyaluronic acid on hand and I suggest this one as it is wonderful!

You can get Azure Naturals Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Serum on and it comes in 1oz or 2oz sizes. 

To Use:
This product can be used morning and night with no problems. It’s also great for all skin types. You can use toner on your face with this product; just use it before you apply the serum. You just need to apply a small amount to your face, neck, and décolleté. Let it absorb into your skin before applying a moisturizer and/or makeup.


Organic Herbal Infusion, Organic Aloe, Witch Hazel, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Carrageenan Gum, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Wildcrafted Green Tea, Geranium Essential Oil, Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate), Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.