Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kidzlane - Dinosaur T-Rex Room Guard with Motion Sensor


T-Rex room guard has motion sensor and 5 mighty roar sounds
T rex roars into action every time an unwanted visitor trespasses into your bedroom! (Hidden on/off switch)
High technology built in trembler alert and motion sensor to detect movement
24 realistic dinosaur images in your own room on 3 interchangeable discs, Hidden disk storage on dinosaur
Projects Images over 3 Feet, Ages 3 +, Uses 3 AA batteries


Every kid loves dinosaurs. These massive creatures that once ruled our world carry a fascination with the unknown and awaken in kids a desire for lifelong learning. Now, with the new Kidzlane Tyrannosaurus Rex Projector, you can be right in the middle of the world of dinosaurs. Better yet, you can have your own T-Rex to guard your room against unwanted intruders!

Motion Sensitive Guard
The T-Rex room guard has five mighty roar sounds that come to life every time someone enters your room. The high-tech tremor alert and motion sensor allow the dinosaur guardian to detect every trespasser. For those times you want to open up your room, you can turn your guardian on and off via the hidden switch.

Fun and Educational
The Tyrannosaurus Rex room guardian functions as a projector which can throw pictures of 24 different dinosaurs on your wall. From the stegosaurus to the triceratops and the mighty brontosaurus, your kids will be right in the middle of the world of the dinosaurs.
All you have to do is select any of the three video discs for hours of dino-fun! Discs are stored in the dinosaur’s back. Images are focused using the T-Rex’s articulated arms; a disk on its back allows you to move from image to image.

The Kidzlane Tyrannosaurus Rex Projector and Roaring Room Guard Alarm can provide hours of fun for kids of all ages. 

When I first saw this dinosaur, I thought it seemed okay. I didn’t think it was going to wow me or anything. I was wrong, it did wow me. It was very, very cool! I did have to run out to get some AA batteries as this does need three of them. Luckily I have a store down the street that sells them.
Anyway, it was pretty easy to get the batteries in. You just need to unscrew the bottom of the dinosaurs belly and put the batteries in and screw the flap back on. It’s now ready to go. I was able to hear the dinosaur roar right away. To stop the roaring, just press the orange button on the bottom of the dino’s tail.

This dinosaur was very fun to play with; it had three different slides to play in a slide show. There is a place on top of the dinosaur that is also a hidden storage compartment for all the slides so that when you aren’t using the dino toy, you can safely store the slides without having to worry about losing them.

Along the neck, there is a spot where you can insert the slide and turn the lights off and then you can aim the beam to the wall. Once on the wall, you get a really neat slideshow right on the wall! If the picture looks blurry, you can use the dino’s right arm as a way to focus the picture to make it clearer.

I love that it has a motion sensor that, when activated, can be used as an alarm! It roars if anyone dares cross its path. This is a super cool and fun toy!

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