Monday, December 29, 2014

PetIDMe License Plate Pet ID Tags


PetIDMe sells personalized pet ID tags that look just like YOUR State's Driver's License Plate!

Description of Product:

The Last Pet Tag You'll Ever Buy. Guaranteed.
We believe you'll be so happy with our Pet Tags, that this will be the last Pet Tag you buy, guaranteed. Our Pet Tags are waterproof, and extremely durable. If one of our Pet Tags ever breaks, or is damaged by normal use, we will send you a new one FREE of charge!
2" x 1.2" - Great for dogs of all sizes!
Dog & Cat Approved
Veterinarian Trusted
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
365 Day Return Policy
100% Original
Hand Made
New- Made from Aluminum, with a Sealed & Hardened Finish guaranteed to last for years!


These little pet tags are absolutely adorable! I love how they look like mini license plates, but with your pets name on them. I also like that you can customize the back of them with whatever information you would like. You can put on there if they are micro chipped, if you offer a reward for their return, phone number, etc.

These are so unique and so unlike other pet tags out there. They are also very lightweight and durable as well. I had one made for my puppy and when we went to training class, everyone was very impressed with her new tag. They all wanted to know where we got it. I also wanted to mention that my puppy doesn’t even care or seem to notice her tag. She doesn’t seem to be bothered with it at all.

I would definitely recommend these tags to anyone who would like a cute unique tag for their pet. These are easy to customize, and this one came fast!

You can get a cute License Plate Pet ID Tag for your cat or dog on

Disclosure: I received this product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.


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