Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Speekee Spanish for Kids Review + #Giveaway


Speekee was founded in 2006 and has been building a reputation for quality Spanish learning ever since.

They recently created The Speekee Spanish Challenge, which is the most comprehensive Spanish learning program for children ever to appear online.

Speekee works for children between the ages of 2 and 11.


I took 4 years of Spanish in High School and loved it. I would love to have my son learn some Spanish because I think he’d really benefit from it. I was excited to be able to try out this program with my son and to blog about how he liked it.

Speekee Spanish uses a series of videos to introduce children to Spanish through songs, puppets, and skits. Each episode also has downloads to go along with the lesson.

While we haven’t gotten through the whole series, my son has started to learn a few Spanish words that he likes to use regularly. He thinks he’s “hot stuff” because he can speak some Spanish. I find this rather amusing. He does do a good job of learning the words through this program.

I think this program would be better suited for younger children (my son is 5), and less suited for older children as the older children will most likely not like how this program looks/works. They might not like the puppetry, etc.

My son doesn’t read too much yet so the subtitles in the program were not of any use to him, but they did help me to follow along better.  He was learning to say: I like, hot, cold, hello, and a few other of the easier words.

While the program does do a good job of teaching words to children, it doesn’t seem to really teach how to use the words in sentences. This program may do that; we just might not have gotten there yet.

Overall, this program is great for the younger children and does teach them various Spanish words. The younger kids seem to really enjoy this program and how it teaches.

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  1. I took spanish in college and high school and I also took some french in high school.

  2. We're both in the process of learning Spanish and Sign Language.

  3. My son wants to learn Spanish.

  4. No but I would love for my children to be able to speak Spanish.