Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hyperbiotics Pro-Kids Probiotics


An All Natural and Sugar Free probiotic formula specifically designed for Kids! Our small sized pearl is easier for kids to swallow (and still tastes great if chewed)! With our patented controlled delivery system, 60% of the beneficial flora (instead of the usual 4% of most other brands) will survive the harsh environment of a child’s stomach acids and travel deep into the intestinal tract, delivering the probiotics where they are needed most.

Based on our flagship formula for adults, currently the #1 selling online brand, we have developed the most effective probiotic formula for children. With the 4 most proven strains (including B. infantis), this formula will counter the negative effects of today's broad spectrum antibiotics.

We are dedicated to providing you and your family with the most effective probiotic supplementation to repair, repopulate and restore the gastrointestinal tract of your children, helping build the foundation for a lifetime of health.


I have wanted to find a probiotic for my son, and so when I had the chance to do a review for Hyperbiotics Pro-Kid’s Probiotic, I was very excited. I love that Hyperbiotics has a control release technology that delivers the probiotic to the intestinal tract. According to Hyperbiotics, this probiotic is 15 more effective than other probiotics. I rely on probiotics myself, and really think my son could benefit from them as well. Being that your digestive system directly impacts the health of your immune system, I really want to keep his digestive system healthy.

Also, they say that fatigue and irritability are often a result of poor vitamin and nutrient absorption. These probiotics for kids help create a microenvironment inside their digestive system that helps promote full mineral absorption so that they can feel healthy and energetic. That being said, my son doesn’t always eat what I would like him to eat, and I’d like what good he does eat to be absorbed fully. He does get tired and irritable at times and I had high hopes of this probiotic making a difference in that.

One thing I really like about these probiotics is that they are very small- they are actually called pearls. This makes it very easy for younger children to swallow. They could also be chewed or crushed easily and still taste pretty good. They should be swallowed, if possible, for best results, but if not, you can still get good results by crushing or chewing. My son is 6 and has no problems swallowing these pearls.

We’ve been trying these daily for a few weeks and so far, I think they have been making a difference. He’s been feeling better and his mood has actually been much better. He’s also been less tired and more alert. I haven’t had near as much trouble with him at night. Usually he gets very moody and dramatic, but so far he’s been much calmer and easier to get to go to bed, etc.

I’m not sure if it’s the probiotics or something else, but I’ve been happier to see him happier. He’s also had less tummy complaints as well. Overall, we’ve been happy with these probiotics and I can see us continuing to use these after this bottle is finished.

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