Wednesday, May 21, 2014

App: Alphabet Jumbled by Little Learning Tots

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Alphabet Jumbled App by Little Learning Tots is for the iPhone 5 or better or iPad 2 or better. It’s a reading and write app that can be downloaded for $1.99 on the iTunes store.

Alphabet Jumbled is a fantastic app for young children learning their ABCs. On the home screen children have the option of using flash cards, reading though the ABCs, an easy or more difficult alphabet letter jumble, and finally being able to test themselves with the jumble challenge.

The “Know your ABCs!” part is a fun way to learn the alphabet. You will get a screen that has all the letters laid out in very fun and brightly colored patterns. A child can click on the letter of their choice and the voice will read the letters out loud.

The “ABC Flash Cards” part is a great way to associate letters to a word and a picture. The first letter will come up on a flash card with the letter at the top, a picture that starts with that letter in the middle, and the picture’s word at the bottom. It’s a fun and great way for children to be able to associate a letter with a picture/object and to a word.

The “Easy Jumble” part has 5 random letters at the top and outlines of those letters at the bottom. The idea is to match the letter to its outline. The easy jumble is a great way for kids to start to be able to put the letters to the right outline.

The “Jumble A-Z” is a little more difficult and good for older kids learning. It has all 26 letters randomly sprawled out on the screen and the object is to put the letters in alphabetical order. The child only needs to tap and drag the letters to move them to the correct order. It also times them so they can see how they improve the more times they play it.

And finally the “Jumble Challenge” is where you need to re-arrange a set of letters as fast as they can. It’s timed and there is a fish that bites seconds off the timer. There is a help button that children can tap if they need help.

 At the top left of the screen there is a home icon that takes you back to the home page. There is an Aa icon that lets users choose the look and feel of the letters. And the arrow at the bottom right of the screen lets you review the last action.

I think this app is fantastic. It’s a great, fun, and clever way for kids to learn the alphabet. My son is 5 years old and absolutely loves this app. While he does know his abc’s, he does like the challenge of trying to put them all in order by visually looking at them. He also loves the jumble challenge and trying to get all the letters in the correct order in time, before the fish eats away at his time. It’s more of a challenge because the 5 random letters are just that, random, and he needs to figure out in what order they would go.

This would be a great app for any child who is in the process of learning their ABCs. It’s fun, interactive, and keeps their attention.

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  1. I appreciate the effort of alphabet jumbled developers! Great App for kids