Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lego Minifigure Display Cases

I thought I would do a review of a product that I have bought several times. I buy Lego minifigures for my son, but also for myself. I think the little guys are neat. They are a little expensive, so I like to get display cases to protect them and keep the dust off. So here is my review:

The Lego Minifigure display cases come in two different sizes: The large will hold 16 figures in two rows of 8 and the small will hold 8 figures in 2 rows of 4. Each case also typically comes with some sort of generic minifigure. I say typically as I have gotten them already without the minifigure inside. The large cases come with a pair of lego block shaped “feet” for standing them up.

What I like about the cases: These cases are made to either stack or mount on the wall. They also come in a variety of colors. I have seen red, blue, yellow, black, purple, pink, etc. I think they are marketed towards boys and girls. They are made from a nice sturdy, hard plastic and have a nice clear front panel to keep out the dust. There is a little button on the top that you depress to open the front panel. I also liked the feet on the large cases as you can use them for the base when stacking. The small cases are half the size of the large cases and make stacking them together easy and fun. It amuses me that you can stack the lego cases like lego blocks. Each inner ‘cube’ also has a 4x6 plate that you can take out and place back in easily. It’s an easy way to place your figures and arrange them before sliding them into the case.

What I don’t like about the cases: The only issue with the cases that I really don’t care for is that they are not deep enough. The ‘cubes’ of the case where you place the figure are also not that tall and it’s hard to fit some figures due to height or depth issues. Typically most figures will fit in there fine, but there are a few that just don’t fit right and you have to arrange them sitting down or with their props to the side. It’s not a huge deal that you have to do some rearranging to fit some figures, but it would just be nice if you could arrange them all uniformly, if you would want to do that.

Price: So in discussing price, I can say that these are generally around the same price from store to store. I do have to say that these seem to be a little pricey, but at the same time, they are very cool and keep minifigures clean and safe. Typically you will find these cases to be around $22.99 for the large cases. Oddly, the smaller cases seem to cost around $14.99 each. You would think they would be around half the price of the large one.

Overall: I would have to say that these cases, overall, are great. I would definitely recommend them to store your minifigures. Just knowing how much you have invested in those little minifigures makes getting a cool case to store and protect them in a no brainer.

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