Sunday, June 22, 2014

VoilaVe 100% Pure Low & High Molecular (LH) Hyaluronic Acid Serum


     VoilaVe is the only Low and High Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Serum on Amazon.
     Low and High Molecular Weight gives better performance as it allows for a deeper penetration                for intense hydration
     It’s proven to give intense hydration to skin and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
     It’s made in the USA in an advanced FDA certified facility
     There are no unneeded fillers or dilutions such as paraben, alcohol and it is fragrance free
     It immediately delivers a more youthful appearance to your skin


One of the first things I noticed about this product was that it said “Professional Moisturizing Serum” and that it has High and Low Molecular weight. That intrigued me, so I saw that the low and high molecular weights actually help the product to work better and increase the penetration of hydration.

I’ve tried other hyaluronic acid serums before, but this is the only one I’ve seen that has the high and low molecular weights. It’s also the thickest formula I’ve seen yet. I was quite amazed at how thick the product was, and yet how incredibly fast it absorbed into my skin; it was almost instantaneous.

I only needed a few of the thick drops to cover my face and it absorbed very fast. It also left absolutely no residue or greasy feeling to my skin. It actually worked incredibly well at hydrating my skin and left my face feeling softer.

Another thing I noticed about this product is that it felt very nice and cool and I almost want to say “tingly” when it smoothed on my face. It felt very nice. I had no problems using other products on my face and it works perfect under makeup.

I think this is my new favorite serum! I use it twice a day and have noticed such a great improvement in my skins overall appearance. I’m very happy with this product!

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You can visit VoilaVe’s website to find more information on this and other products! 

Disclosure: I was generously offered this product in return for my honest and unbiased opinion. 


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