Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gillette® Venus® Embrace Sensitive


Gillette Venus is the #1 brand used by female dermatologists!

Embrace, perfection should be celebrated. Winner of over 30 independent Beauty Awards!

Venus’ most awarded razor – now available in Sensitive

Venus Embrace Sensitive brings together 5-blades for an ultra-close shave and a protective ribbon of moisture with a touch of aloe for glide to reveal beautiful skin, even on sensitive skin

Venus’ most advanced shaving technology gives women a closer shave with less irritation:

Five thin, floating blades are spaced closely together for reduced pressure per blade
Spring-mounted blades create a shaving surface that adjusts to the natural contours of a woman’s body, allowing the blade cartridge to sit flatter on the skin, preventing the need to shave areas multiple times

New Lubrastrip technology helps avoid irritation with 3X Glide Enhancers to create a thick cushion between the razor and your skin

The enhanced Ribbon of Moisture has a touch of aloe and increased protective lubricants to surround the shaving surface for a smooth glide before and after each stroke

Features a rounded, pivoting head designed for women’s curves and soft grip ergonomic handle for confident control even over tricky or hard to reach areas

For an unbelievably smooth and close shave, pair Venus Embrace Sensitive with Gillette Satin Care Ultra Sensitive shave gel

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Because of Influenster, I got to test out the new Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor. I’ve tried many different types and brands of razors in the past with mixed results, I never really felt like I found the perfect one; until now.

It’s been a bumpy (literally!) road trying to find the right razor- one that wouldn’t give me a bumpy red rash or ingrown hair, or other irritations. I could find one or two of these in a razor, but no razor could help me with all three issues, until now. The Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor, amazingly, has all three of these powers combined into one razor. I literally jumped for joy!

I couldn’t wait for my Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor to arrive, and when it did I was quick to test it out. I left my leg hair grow out for a few days (I wear pants anyway) just so I could get to really test this razor out. I didn’t want to be nearly hairless to try it out as it wouldn’t give me a real true test.

I was excited to see that the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor came with the handle, two razor heads (5 blades each), and a suction cup holder for in the shower to hold the razor. The handle has a nice grip to it and thankfully the packaging was super easy to open! I was thrilled I didn’t have to practically get out the chainsaw to open it!

So when I went to actually use the razor, I was amazed at how great it was working. It glided across my skin with ease and I could tell right away it wasn’t going to cause any irritation to my skin. I didn’t feel the need to go over the same spot twice or three times, and I had such silky smooth skin after I rinsed. I was thrilled. That was one of the best shaves I ever had. I love that this razor has an aloe vera strip on it as that really helps to make my skin softer, smoother, and less irritated.

I was amazed that after two days I didn’t feel the need to shave and my skin was irritation free, red bump free, and I had no ingrown hairs! Yea! This razor is amazing! Where has it been all my life? I am so happy that Influenster had given me the opportunity to test out this razor! This is going to be my new go-to razor and I will definitely be telling everyone I know about it!

Disclaimer: I received this product free from Influenster in a Vox Box and all opinions and thoughts are my own. I only suggest and recommend products I like and believe my readers will like as well!


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